Why Rent a Yacht in Dubai this Valentines’ Day?

Thinking of dining with 20-30 other couples at a fine dining restaurant this Valentine’s Day? What is special about that? This year, make 14th February special and rent a yacht, here in Dubai. It is the best way to spend quality time with your love, luxuriously and privately. The best way to say how special someone is is to pay attention to the minute details and at BookYachts, we will make sure that the cruise is customised to make your beloved feel that they own the yacht!

From red carpet welcome to serving delectable drinks and snacks on board, the service crew will ensure that everything is exactly the way your loved one likes. Play his/her favourite songs, keep their favourite chocolate or champagne handy, gorge on a feast with all the favourite items, relax, swim, sightsee and sail over the amazing Arabian Sea, well into the gorgeous sunsets while being pampered by attentive crew. Start the day from the Dubai Marina, spend the day doing any of the activities aboard the yacht, hop on the deck mid-day to relax and plan a candlelight, waterfront dining experience for dinner!

There is more; as the sun bids adieu and casts a beautiful orange-hued horizon, pour yourselves a refreshing drink, relax and take in everything that nature is offering you. Your beloved is sure to have an unforgettable time on this day of love. Impress your better half now and start planning! If you’d like to do it all on your own, browse through our impressive fleet of luxury yacht charters and choose the one that fits your requirements. If you do not have the time, don’t fret! Leave it to our agents who are adept at making an impression that lasts a lifetime!

Either way, feel the love in the air, with a pinch of salt, this Valentine's Day in Dubai!

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