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Book Yachts Dubai is not just a company offering yacht rental in Dubai. We have been veterans of hospitality for decades, which sets our foot deep in interpersonal relations. We believe in giving our clients the best experience that they are sure to come back for. We work in parallel with our clients, propelled by a genuine desire to ensure that every yachting experience is unforgettable and exceptional. We are ahead of our game, thanks to our professional experience and technical expertise in the yachting field. Beginning from your first inquiry for the yacht charter, we ensure that your vacation charter is easy, hassle-free, and enjoyable. We believe that a business can and should be successful and profitable while also being honest and caring.

What sets us apart are the exclusivities that we offer our clients in UAE which helps us stand out in the recreational/luxury yachting sector.

Convenient & Personalized service at every step

Multilingual, multicultural professionals with decades of combined experience in every aspect of yachting give you the exclusivity of offering luxury yacht charters through our app. By paying 20% of the total lease, your itinerary, at your selected yacht, time & destination is confirmed with us.

Diamond selection of luxury yachts

Our fleet of luxury vessels is carefully picked from the most successful models of leading luxury yacht brands and the reason that a number of our yachts are of European make. We try to transform the love of the sea into reality within the best budget and safety. Every yacht in our fleet possesses a world-class interior which when wearing her adornments develops lifetime memories.

Cruise for a unique experience

We believe in equal exchange of value and this approach has helped us retain our esteemed clients. We have all the resources to provide an elite yachting experience in UAE, at a quarter of the cost that you will have to bear for a similar yachting experience in any other part of the world.

Something special for everyone.

Every person is unique and has different tastes. Our priority is to satisfy our clients by paying close attention to their requirements. When you rent a boat through Book Yachts, we will question you about the experience you are trying to have, create an itinerary, and offer recommendations about the boat, menu, and entertainment to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations.

We wish to be your first host, to welcome you as you set foot in Dubai, and we would like to become friends with whom you will bid farewell with a wish to meet and treat again, for your next luxury yacht rental trip. So, if you are on the lookout for the ultimate venue for your next private event, then a luxurious and extravagant fiesta on the Arabian Sea on a boat would be a perfect choice.

Amaze your friends, family, and clients with a special event to remember for life.

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