Yacht Trip Ideas and Inspiration

According to highly scientific research (conducted by us, of course), 100% of people who step onto a yacht immediately feel 50% more glamorous and 75% more likely to say, "This is the life!" Whether…

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What Are Some Good Outfit Ideas For A Yacht Party?

So, you have snagged an invitation to a luxurious yacht birthday party in Dubai, and now you are wondering, "What on earth do I wear?" Fear not, because we have got you covered with some stellar…

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Choosing the Right Yacht for a Romantic Dinner Cruise

Dubai, a city known for its luxury and grandeur, offers an unforgettable experience through its spectacular coastline along the Persian Gulf. This dynamic metropolis, famous for its towering…

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Fishing Trip Budgeting: How To Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality

Fishing is a dream for many enthusiasts. The warm waters of the Arabian Gulf and the unique marine life make for an unforgettable experience. However, enjoying a fishing trip doesn’t mean you have to…

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Why Should You Charter a Yacht for Your Honeymoon?

After your wedding, it is time for a relaxing honeymoon! You and your partner have lots of choices for where to go, but have you thought about something really special? Let’s imagine just the two of…

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I’m Pregnant - Can I Still Go for A Yacht Ride?

Hey there future moms-to-be! So, you have got the exciting news - you are pregnant! But wait does that mean you have to put a pause on all the fun and adventure? Especially that dreamy yacht ride you…

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Ultimate Guide to Renting the Perfect Boat for Every Occasion

Experience the ultimate guide to renting the perfect boat for every occasion with Book Yachts. Are you ready for an adventure on the waters of Dubai? Whether you are planning a serene family outing,…

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Book Yachts Exclusive Discounts & Promotions

Many of us would have wanted to glide through the crystal-clear waters of Dubai on a fancy Yacht rental but were worried about it being too heavy on our wallets. No need to worry! Book Yacht is ready…

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Renting yachts has become a hot trend for those who crave some new and fancy experiences. Why yacht rentals, you ask? Because renting a yacht can avoid the initial purchase costs, maintenance fees,…

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Top Yacht Destinations You Can't Miss

Dubai is a global city that spells grandeur and beauty. Offering a seamless and unique combination of modernism and innovation, Dubai has soaring skyscrapers, spotless beaches, and bustling ports. It…

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