Valentines Special Yacht Celebrations

Yacht Trip with Your Valentines

Love is not just in the air; it is at the high seas too! Everything about the world has changed in the past few decades. Well, at least for a majority. With so many unique options, why gift your most special one the same old rose, chocolates, and dinner when you can take it a notch higher. This Valentine’s Day let your loved one know just how much you are willing to go the extra mile for him/her by gifting them a memory straight out of a romantic movie or novel!

Whisk your love away into the sea by chartering a yacht right here in Dubai. Plan a sea excursion for a couple of hours or for the whole day; include a sunset, some fun, and adventurous activities to excite them and seal it with a romantic candlelight dinner. This Valentine’s Day brings out the best of you and pampers your loved one in a once in a lifetime manner.

The Vibe

There is something very romantic about the sea, in general. It could be the cool breeze, the pristine waters or the serenity of the ocean. The passion and intimate vibe that the cruise on a luxury yacht creates is fathomless and it is dream come true for most couples. Most luxury cruises offer a rather cozy and elegant ambiance with their opulent salons, well-stocked kitchen, luxurious bedrooms and expansive sundecks for couples to make the most of their time aboard the yachts.

The Entertainment

With plenty of activities to chose from, guests will have no dearth of entertainment aboard. Couples who are just looking to spend time together doing nothing can get some fresh air and watch the fish glide aside the yachts while looking at the horizon, the blue waters of the Arabian Sea and the iconic skyscrapers that define the Dubai coastline. If there is activity on your mind, show off some angling skills with expert tips from the Captain and crew and grill your catch to enjoy a self-cooked meal at the high seas. For the more adventurous couple, try the much in demand water sports like jet skiing, flyboarding, etc and feel the adrenaline rush for Valentine’s Day like never before. Make sure you get those cameras clicking!

The Meals

Well, food is always a deal maker! Be it a few hours on the yacht or a day, the cruise can be customized to add your itinerary with food that is made for you just the way you want it. From delectable snacks and small bites to exotic meals cooked to perfection, everything is available. If you want to opt for a nice romantic candlelight dinner with a lovely red and white themed décor, as you witness the sun calling it a day, that is doable too. All you need is to let the agents know what you need, and it will be done.

Go all out this Valentine’s Day well within your budget and charter a yacht to sail away with your loved one. Give them the love, attention and time they deserve by stepping away from the bustle of Dubai. The tranquility and style are sure to give them Goosebumps they will cherish for a lifetime. Go on, show them the love! Call us now!


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