How to Prepare Yourself for a Yacht Party

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It is the season to Party! Having no reason to party is itself a reason! So, with the summer in full swing, there are all kinds of parties on the rise- Pool Parties, Barbecue Parties, Indoor Parties, Yacht Parties, etc. If you have been invited to a Yacht Party for the first time and feel a little intimidated and overwhelmed, fear not! One of the major perks of being here in Dubai is being able to rent a luxury yacht for a few hours and cruise over the Arabian Waters in super style. If you have been invited to a Yacht Party, rest assured, that it is going to be super fun and an experience you are bound to cherish until the next yacht party! Read on for a guide on how to prepare yourself for a yacht party!

The Invite- Yay! You have been invited to a cool party on a yacht! Take note of the starting point, the time, and the date to begin with. Make sure you read the invite fully and understand the theme etc. Once you are over the initial excitement, it is time to plan your attire.

The Attire- It is best to wear what you are comfortable wearing unless it is a theme party or costume party. Men can opt for a collared t-shirt, shorts, and sport-fab sunglasses for that casual look, and women can opt for a jumpsuit or shorts and tees and top it off with a statement hat and sunglasses. It is best to avoid heels and opt for comfy shoes or flip-flops with a good grip. Don't forget sunscreen!

The Etiquette- While on board a yacht, there are some rules to strictly adhere to. The captain is the one person you must listen to at all times. Respect the crew and make sure that you ask the host in case you want to try out some activities and facilities onboard. Most yachts have a No-Smoking Policy, please stick to it. Also, ensure to wear safety gear and follow the in-house rules.

The Cruise- Most cruises will have decided on a route well in advance. Make sure you ask the host, to take precautions to avoid seasickness. Also, be prepared to walk barefoot. Routes are mostly decided keeping the theme or purpose of the party in mind. Make sure that you enquire about the activities and payments to avoid last-minute confusion.

The Party- Have fun! Make sure you take photos and have lots of fun! Most yachts have great sound systems, but be mindful of the sound and do not make it unpleasant for other yachts nearby. Also, be careful with the food and drinks, and make sure you are sitting or standing comfortably when taking a bite or a sip to avoid spillage!

So, keeping in mind all this, have a great time aboard a luxury yacht charter and party it out!

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