The best time to choose for yacht trip

Quite honestly, there is no best time to go yachting in Dubai. Because, no matter the season, no matter the time of the day, it is simply the perfect time! As the old but gold song by the Beatles go, "Here comes the sun, and I say it's alright." Most people shy away from the sun, but really it is one of the best times to choose for a yacht trip.

A sunrise cruise will give you so much peace and warmth, that it will be the best start to a day out in the sun! The morning rays of the sun are known to have soothing and healing properties as well. From 7 to 9 in the morning, exposure to the sun helps the body generate Vitamin D, which has been proven to help the body absorb calcium and a lack of it can cause muscle weakness, fatigue and even cardio- vascular disorders.

If this sounds too geeky for you, the morning time is perfect for cruising, also because it gives you plenty of time to do so many interesting activities. Soak up the sun from the deck of our luxury yachts, take a dip in the warm waters of the Arabian Sea, try your hand at fishing and grill them to perfection.

Still looking for more reasons? At Book Yachts, guests are spoiled for choice. The adventurous ones can indulge in some adrenaline pumping water sports activity. From jet skis and banana rides to para sailing and fly boarding, the options are one too many.

So, come cruise with us and have a great time out in the sun! Call Now!

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