7 Things to Remember Before you Book a Yacht Trip

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The call to the yacht has reached you, isn’t it? It is time to tick this one off the bucket list and set foot on a luxurious yacht charter in Dubai. Now, if you are the kind who thinks that yachting is an activity for the high and mighty, you are mistaken. In Dubai, with a little bit of curiosity, research, and negotiation skills, one can find activities for any budget and any kind. Here are a few points to consider before you book a yacht trip in Dubai:

Money- The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is money. One needs to set a budget and work with the agent to ensure a smooth cruise. Inform the yacht charter agents about your cruise purpose, number of guests, and activities that you would like to indulge in aboard the yacht. Quite obviously, a smaller group will require a smaller yacht and a large group will require a larger yacht.

Yacht- It is easy to select the yacht once you have the confirmed guest list. It is also important to keep in mind the activities you want to pursue once you are on the boat when you book the yacht. Do a bit of reading regarding the fleet of yachts the agent or yacht charter company has. This will help you compare and negotiate better.

Timing- To make full use of the cruising time, make sure that you are punctual. Arrive a few minutes before the cruise to take care of paperwork and complete the formalities. The cruise will depart on time and it is important to keep time to avoid inconvenience to other guests. Also, consider all the activities you have planned calculate the time it requires and add a few extra minutes to set up and settle down.

Activities- One of the most important things to think about are what do you want to do on board. Chartered yachts have a lot to offer when it comes to activities onboard. From simple sightseeing, dancing and chilling to fishing, swimming and barbecues to extreme water sports, there are a multitude of options. Take the opinion of the guests and ask the agents for choices. If you do plan on dancing, ask the crew regarding the sound equipment and whether you need to bring your own music.

Menu- Most chartered yachts have kitchens that are fully functional and well-equipped, guests can turn into master chefs and whip up some good food if need be. Also, set menus can be customized according to what the guests prefer, but the crew and agents need to be told while booking. From tidbits and drinks to elaborate spreads, yacht charter companies in Dubai can create a unique fiesta, just for you. However, it is recommended not to eat or drink too much as there are chances of getting sea sick and it can also affect your movement on the yacht.

Route and Starting Point- Although most yacht charters in Dubai embark from the Marina, it is good to get a confirmation regarding the exact location. Also, intimate the agents regarding pick up and drop off. It is equally important to plan ahead on which route your yacht should take. Once you let the crew be aware of what you want to do or see, they will plan the itinerary for you and make sure you cover ground within the time allotted.

Ultimate Experience- For a smooth and hassle-free experience, don’t shy away from informing the crew and captain about what you want from the entire cruise. It is certainly your day to shine and enjoy and we will be happy to pull all the shots to ensure that you have the most memorable cruise and come back for more.

Now that you have all the pointers, pick up the phone and dial a yacht right away!

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