Food Menu

Food Menu

Just recline and let our crew serve you with the food menu, as soon as you get tired of cruising.

Our crew onboard swiftly converts the deck of the luxury yacht into a floating lounge where you would be served with a wide range of delicious catering menus and drink options. Options include finger food,nibbles and formal dining.

Usually, the traditional food menu is preferred by most of the clients that sail with us frequently. You would also love to enjoy the seafood with an ultra freshness which includes fish and shrimp grilled live on the bar b.q. station onboard then served along Humus, bread variety of salad and chilled drinks that would revitalize you for another session water sports.

Food lovers are happy to charter with us as our onboard chefs keep on serving them with gourmet food of their choice and this way help them transform their luxury yachting into foodie yachting. Bon Appetite!

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