5 Tips to Grab Yacht Rental Deals in Summer

5 Tips to Grab Yacht Rental Deals in Summer

Finally! You have decided to rent a yacht this summer and get out on the water! The world has become so advanced that people have moved on from renting cars and bikes to chartering yachts across the globe! Whether you are planning a yacht trip for a few days or a few hours, a chartered yacht is a great way for some fun and excitement with family and friends. There is nothing fancy like the freedom and relaxation that yachting offers. So, wait no further and learn a few tips to grab some summer deals for yachts this summer, in Dubai!

For first-timers, until they have experienced luxury yachts that is; the whole experience of planning, costing, sealing the deal, etc can look very daunting. There will be people; experienced and inexperienced, advising on how to ensure a cost-effective, hassle-free luxury yachting experience. However, here are a few secrets to grabbing some yacht deals, this summer!


Although most of us are last-minute deals kind of people, it is a good thing to plan about what you want to accomplish from this luxury yacht charter. Are you hosting a party, just cruising, or in the mood for water sports? Once the agenda is made, it is time to figure out how many people will you be taking along! Once this list is finalized, it is time to Research!


A little reading will take you a long way! Search for tips and read blogs to understand what and how you need to prepare for yachting in the summer. From the themes for parties, clothes to wear, and menu to serve to what boats to choose, there is a whole lot of information available for first-timers. When you have gathered the information required, it is time to Grab the Deal.

Grab the Best Yacht Deal

  • Incognito- When doing research and checking out websites, go incognito mode. Most websites have access to your location and pin code and the more vigorously and frequently you look up information, the less likely you are to find the best deals. To tackle this, shop in incognito mode on your browser and compare and buy everything you need at a fair price.
  • Avoid Local Holidays- Although it is difficult to step out on a weekday or midweek and take time to yacht, it can prove to be a costly affair if you decide to yacht on a local holiday. Apart from being expensive(due to the demand), the ocean can become quite congested due to a large number of yachts on sail and it will most likely disrupt the activities you have planned. Hence, the #1 tip is to avoid booking on local holidays.
  • There is no Off-Season- One does not need to think of an off-season for yachting in Dubai. Although known for extreme temperatures, the yachting destination is accommodative all through the year for people who do not believe in a season to yacht. You will get the best of the weather during summer and winter, but it can be very busy. #2 Tip is if you sail mid-season to book a yacht, you’ll still find fair weather, fewer people at popular spots, and cheaper prices!
  • Loyalty Pays- Who doesn’t like a repeat of something they love? All businesses, agents, and crews like customers who come back! Companies will offer a better deal if they realize that you are a repeat customer. The chances are that the service and the offers in demand will be customized, even before you ask for them! #3 Tip- Yacht.Enjoy.Refer.Repeat.
  • Watch Out- It pays to be aware of the deals on e-commerce websites. One can easily find deals for yachts and call up other agents to bargain. Compare prices and deals from various vendors, look up the features and reviews, call up the agents, and bad an even better deal. #5 Tip- Bargain!

Customer Satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do! So, call us now and seal the deal to ensure a hassle-free yachting experience, here in Dubai!

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