The Best Fishing Tours Dubai

The best fishing tours in Dubai are the ones where anglers can have a stressed free time and enjoy a day out indulging in their favorite pastime! There is no bigger thrill for someone out fishing than hooking a nice, big fish. At Book yachts, the crew makes sure that you have a great time spending the day at sea which is both relaxing as well as exciting. Here are a few tips to make sure that the next fishing trip you make becomes the best one ever!

#1- Kind of fish:

Before you set out on the fishing trip, you have to decide whether you are looking for quantity or quality. As in, some anglers, especially the newbies like to fish more. They like to find a catch after catch and focus more on the number of fish. The more professional ones like to wait patiently and get a bigger fish. They have the perfect bait and don’t mind sitting in the same position for hours. Most fishing spots offer both these options and guests can decide accordingly.

#2- Fishing Spots:

The crew at BookYachts consists of well experienced anglers and knows the fishing spots of the Arabian waters in the back of their hand. They know where you can find a barracuda or a trout and where you can find a school of mackerels. They will take you to these spots and help you set up the fishing gear, so that you can relax and save the energy to actually fish!

#3- Fishing Style

Those who fish know that there are different ways in which you can fish; wade into the water and use hands; trolling; deep sea fishing. Make sure you inform the crew on what you intend to do, so that they take you to the spots. Trolling is fishing by trailing along a baited line along behind a boat and mostly used to catch more fish. Deep sea fishing is a more recreational feat and is used to catch the hard to get, bigger fish.

#4- Fishing Gear

Most charter boats come with fishing gears that include baits, fishing rods, reel and everything else that is required to catch some fish. You could alternatively bring your own baits and gear. It is also recommended that you take along comfortable clothing, sunscreen and sun glasses.

#5- Patience

This is one character you must have to enjoy the fishing trip. Some days can be hard and sometimes you just have to be lucky! So don’t fret in case you take some time. At the end of the day, you are sure to have good fun and what’s more, you can barbecue your catch and rant to your mates about what a thrilling time you had!